Dirk The Daring is the animated hero of the groundbreaking classic video game Dragon's Lair. In the year 1983, the era of the single joystick coin-op machine, a new kind of video game was showcased in arcades. It drew so much attention that kids formed lines outside the doors just to have a chance to play it. It was the first video game of it's kind, on Laser Disc, where you could enter an animated world and become the hero ... Dirk The Daring ... the precursor to the MetaVerse. Be part of history and own this one-of-a-kind domain when a 'gamer' was just a kid with a pocket full of quarters in the local arcade.

What's Here

Top Level Domain, sought after .com suffix, and well-known term. Be the hero from what has been voted by gamers and 80's buffs as the #1 videogame of all time. Videogaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and this is a perfect domain for online gaming portals, console manufaturers, retailers, MetaVerse aficionados, gaming conventions and other videogame industry related activities.